a letter to you…


For my entire life, the idea of belonging has been a big deal.

That’s rather predictable, I suppose, given I was a military brat and had moved with my family 11 times by the time I left home to go to college. 

But belonging isn’t just about geography, it’s also about whether you feel as if you belong in the life you’re living

I know that once the shine wore off my big deal advertising job with the dream office in Soho and the designer wardrobe, what I couldn’t shake was the sense that I was spending my time – let’s face it, spending my life – promoting products I just didn’t really care about that much. I was doing a great job helping other people make money, and making good money doing it.

And it felt kind of hollow.

I felt kind of hollow.

So I gave it all up to get my soul back. 

I sold everything I owned (except a few precious books and the wildly impractical sex-in-the-city shoes) and took a year-long sabbatical throughout Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

That, my friend, was to become The Year That Changed My Life.

In India, my senses came alive.  I lived in an ashram – I wore maroon robes, meditated for hours at a time – and was constantly flooded with a riot of colors, aromas, flavors, and surreal sights, all in the midst of extremes of poverty and wealth that demonstrated that whether you have enough to eat can be determined by the accident of your birth.

In Israel, my heart cracked wide open. I was co-facilitating workshops for young Israelis just out of the military, gently working with these warzone-hardened souls with PTSD to expose inner wounds and shed identities that no longer served them.  I made new friends, watched Bedouins ride camels down the beach, and sat in a tent on handwoven carpets and ate my shared meal with my hands. I also fell in love and had my heart broken within a month…which is a story for another time. 

In Italy, I healed my feminine soul. Tuscany was a symphony for my senses — the aroma of fresh pressed olive oil, the taste of berry-filled red wine, the feel of mediterranean sun on my cheeks. Spending time with my spiritual teachers on the Italian coast, I dove deeply into study around psychology, eastern mysticism and the science of motivation.

So as it turns out, while this nomadic life of mine had me feeling the lack of a true home town, I came to see that I actually had something grander. Because of my life experience, it’s been easy for me to get the fact that the world is my home.

Having had the privilege of visiting 37 countries, I consider myself a global citizen, and humanity is my family. And there’s no real reason why part of my family should not have access to things that support basic human survival – food, water, shelter and human connection. There’s so much more than enough to go around….

I also got very clear as I was welcomed and embraced by these very different communities around the globe, that none of us accomplishes the really big stuff alone.

In all the wildly disparate places I’ve lived, I’ve seen the power of community to lift us up, remind us who we are, and to cheer us on.  I’ve seen how celebrating our wins and victories with others makes them exponentially greater.

I also know what it is to lie awake at night in doubt, to wonder if all the efforting and dreaming and boldness will come to nothing.

And so I know down to the very fiber of my being that for us women to make the difference each of us is committed to making in this world, it’s going to take joining together in a way that is creative, generative, loving, and supportive. I’m also clear that business is a vital vehicle for us to make that difference.

The world is, in its various ways, asking us to choose now as the time to step up in a big way. It’s the energy that’s needed for the evolution of humanity. 

And I’m here to make sure you get what you need to go big, to step out on your own…but not alone. 

I’ve created World Changing Women as a place where you have that kindred spirit community you’ve been longing for. The mentoring you’ve needed. The expert advice you’ve been seeking. 

World Changing Women is designed to have you feel like you do indeed belong in the life you’re living, which includes your business.

You see, I want to work with people who want a business that’s a contribution to humanity. Where you’re living that best life of yours, and at the same time have the satisfaction of knowing that you, your business, and your life are being of service to the greater good in your own distinct way. 

I’ve had heart-to-hearts with hundreds of badass, brilliant women who are successful and could easily rest on their laurels…but they don’t want that life. There’s this yearning, this pull to expand and keep growing. And there’s a desire to make sure their time on the planet makes a mark, that they pour their heart and soul – and business savvy and skills – into something they can be proud of and that will leave a positive legacy for our children and beyond.

I also know you’re one of those women, and I close my eyes and imagine you and I are having that deep, intimate, vulnerable conversation right now.

I really hear you.

And I honor you. 

There is work to do…and we can do it together.

Welcome, sister. You belong here.


A few quick facts about the founder of World Changing Women™, Kim Carpenter:

  • Born in Texas but holds dual citizenship in Canada and the US

  • Travelled to over 30 countries in her lifetime

  • Spearheaded marketing campaigns for some of the largest corporations in the world, including MasterCard and Blue Shield

  • Lived in an ashram in India studying meditation and the "science of motivation"

  • Volunteered to help build a women’s center in Peru

  • Kicks ass at Pictionary

Kim’s career began in 1993 and eventually led to New York City's Ad Agency World where she managed advertising and digital marketing campaigns for some of the world’s largest brands. It was there she began to ask herself, “What are we doing for the world that’s truly good?”

That singular thought eventually grew into a lifestyle shift blueprint which had Kim leave New York and travel the world facilitating profound impacts on businesses dedicated to doing good. She’s worked and traveled in over 30 countries including Israel, where she co-facilitated primal therapy groups, and Africa where she worked with children’s rights organizations. And in all that time she’s remained true to her goal of helping those who are doing good things for the world.

Today, Kim’ specializes in working with women who own small businesses and who have an unquenchable fire in their souls to contribute to big societal change.