about our founder


A few quick facts about the founder of World Changing Women™, Kim Carpenter:

  • Born in Texas but holds dual citizenship in Canada and the US

  • Travelled to over 30 countries in her lifetime

  • Spearheaded marketing campaigns for some of the largest corporations in the world, including MasterCard and Blue Shield

  • Lived in an ashram in India studying meditation and the "science of motivation"

  • Volunteered to help build a women’s center in Peru

  • Kicks ass at Pictionary

Kim’s career began in 1993 and eventually led to New York City's Ad Agency World where she managed advertising and digital marketing campaigns for some of the world’s largest brands. It was there she began to ask herself, “What are we doing for the world that’s truly good?”

That singular thought eventually grew into a lifestyle shift blueprint which had Kim leave New York and travel the world facilitating profound impacts on businesses dedicated to doing good. She’s worked and traveled in over 30 countries including Israel, where she co-facilitated primal therapy groups, and Africa where she worked with children’s rights organizations. And in all that time she’s remained true to her goal of helping those who are doing good things for the world.

Today, Kim’ specializes in working with women who own small businesses and who have an unquenchable fire in their souls to contribute to big societal change.