Thoughts on Abundance

People like to throw the word "abundance" around - people want to generate abundance, believe in abundance, recite abundance affirmations... yet, whenever organizations look towards generating positive change in the world or good or charity, philanthropy... we often go to non-profit. It doesn't mean NO profit, but it means the company is not profiting.

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The Ashram Exit Strategy

Kim Carpenter says, “I’m on a mission to have women standing fully in their glorious power to help bring about transformation in the world.” Want to know how? Tune in to catch her wisdom – including how she follows that golden thread of her soul.

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Do you feel it too?

Do you feel it too? That fire in your belly to make a difference with your one precious life? To know without a shadow of a doubt that you are using all of your amazing experience, skills, talents and abilities to the fullest capacity.

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Kim Carpenter