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Stop Marketing

I am seeing something extremely distressing to me that I wanted to talk about today. People are throwing away their money on their marketing, wasting precious hours of their time… because they are NOT clear on WHO they are marketing to.

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The Power of Story

The power of story… it’s so important in your business and for your brand to be telling powerful stories in your marketing. Oftentimes, we lose the perspective on our own story and it’s difficult to draw the story out of us. And I have a GREAT story about that in today’s tip.

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Thoughts on Abundance

People like to throw the word "abundance" around - people want to generate abundance, believe in abundance, recite abundance affirmations... yet, whenever organizations look towards generating positive change in the world or good or charity, philanthropy... we often go to non-profit. It doesn't mean NO profit, but it means the company is not profiting.

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