Giving Back so Your Business Will Thank You Too


Last week I got to do a photo shoot with the lovely and talented Lindsay Miller (The Marketing Photographer) and I can't WAIT to see the final results. Of course I was peeking over her shoulder at the camera display and seeing all of her great work along the way. (Gotta love digital photography for that "instant gratification" factor.)

Right now I'm in a big re-build mode with my business and I'm excited to show you when this all comes together.

One of the things that has me the MOST stoked this month is teaching you about how to integrate more giving back into your business so that it's easy as pie for you and ALSO attracts new clients to you! I've been invited to speak in a couple of virtual conferences about this, the next one airing next week.

I'm giving you my top tips about how to give back for a win-win-win in the article below AND... I'd love to hear from you! Let me know what you think about giving back through your business. Do you see any possibilities for yourself here? Leave a comment and I'd be happy to brainstorm ideas with you.

Big hug,


The past two weeks have been filled with conversations about how giving back can create a win for you, a win for your business and win for the cause that you are supporting. The ripple effect is amazing when you put just a teeny bit of thought into how you can integrate giving back into your business activities.

And it pays off for you too! I bet you can think of more than one "brand" that you've purchased from because you felt in alignment with their values and maybe even aligned with a cause they are supporting.

I found myself in this very situation yesterday as I flew home from California to Austin. At the coffee counter I saw "With the sale of each Teavana® Oprah Chai product we will make a donation to the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy Foundation to benefit youth education."

I instantly felt a positive connection to this coffee shop (that I normally do not frequent). I can relate to supporting leadership and education for youth through my work with the Unstoppable Foundation. Before I knew it I was sucking down a chai when I originally wanted a latte. I've even found myself paying more - much more - for brands that are good for the environment, organic, grass-fed, free range, PETA approved, etc.

This isn't just for big corporations. You too can integrate your values and making a difference into the work you do. Here is a small list of ways you can get started.

Easy-peasy ways to give back
(and your business will thank you too)

  1. Donate affiliate commissions to a cause, or create your own scholarship fund account and give that money back to clients who are "ideal" but might need a little extra help

  2. Round up for charity in your shopping cart and give your clients the opportunity to give back as well

  3. Integrate giving to a non-profit foundation into your launches or live events

  4. Volunteer your time and skills to a non-profit board that you're passionate about

  5. Take a Volun-tourism vacation and give back while you're traveling

  6. Take a stand for something and write an article about it to help build awareness

  7. Sponsor a charity event by donating money or by giving your time to the event

  8. If you want to give back to your local community, find a group of people that you're passionate about serving (women's shelter, animal shelter, etc.). Contact them to find out how you could be serve with your entrepreneurial skills.

  9. Create your own project and involve your clients in giving back with you. It's fun to do this together and builds incredible bonds within your client base.

  10. What ideas do you have? Share them here.

Let me know what you think by leaving a comment here! If you'd like to brainstorm about how you want to give back, just let me know and I'll respond as soon as I can.