Making Videos!

I'm really excited by my new home-based photo and video studio! Someone recently asked me to give you the details on how I created it. I must confess that I am NOT a video expert by any means. This is a creative project for me, so if you ARE an expert and you have tips or different points of view, please share them publicly in the comments below so we can all benefit. Thanks.

My set up:

1) Background kit - $160 - I got a Savage Port-A-Stand kit that came with the stand and a small white paper background roll. The top bar is adjustable to hold longer paper when I'm ready to upgrade.

2) Lighting kit - $180 – I got a StudioPro 3-point lighting kit with soft boxes, boom and all bulbs included on Amazon.

3) Microphone - $25 and up - Sound is very important and can make or break a video. I got a simple lavalier microphone with a longer (10') extension cord. You should also consider a mic that mounts on your camera if you are doing roaming video outside.

4) Remote control - I got a remote so that I could trigger the camera by myself.

5) Don't forget extra camera batteries and high speed memory cards. You never want to run out of batteries or storage.

6) Gaffer tape – won’t stick to your floors or leave residue.

7) 2” and 4” spring clamps – from any hardware store. Use to clamp lights and things in place if needed.

And of course you need a camera or at least an iPhone to shoot video. I have a Canon Rebel T5i digital SLR.

There are a billion things to know about shooting photos and video. Your local photo store likely has classes, which I'd recommend. You can also find a ton on YouTube. Check out “The Slanted Lens” for a whole set of how-to videos. You’ll want to learn how to light with 1, 2 or 3 lights and the different effects they can make.

Have fun and post on my Facebook Group if you have more tips or questions!