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We know you've got a fire in your belly to create positive change in our world, and you're using your business prowess to do that. The thing is, if you've got a big vision, you're going to need support to achieve it. As women-on-a-mission, we flourish by being surrounded by those who support us, guide us, teach us and celebrate us.

That is why World Changing Women has created a membership program for powerful business women to share influential connections, resources, tools and ideas to elevate our collective success. 

This program is by application only and is for women who are seriously committed to growing their venture while also making a positive impact in our world.


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Why it works


This is the place where you can feel secure knowing you’re surrounded by like-minded business woman who bring various skills to the fore. This is where you’ll find support from our team of experts, including our founder Kim Carpenter, as well as other members. And this is where you’ll be free to share ideas that’ll help you make your greatest contribution to the world. All the while:

  • Generating more revenue

  • Being more visible

  • Scaling up your business

Members leverage the power of community and contacts to help one another get more bookings, sell more services, and make bigger differences.


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How it works


Membership includes monthly masterclass training sessions, support and mastermind calls, “Get It Done” days, and daily interaction via social media.

Monthly masterclass Sessions

Each month you have access to a cutting-edge masterclass session on the latest marketing and business growth strategy to scale your business and impact.

Example topics include:

  • digital marketing strategy

  • engagement marketing

  • conversational selling

  • building a movement

  • leveraging video

  • how to get booked as a speaker

  • unstoppable feminine leadership

  • money mindset

  • how to grow and manage a stellar team

  • expanding nationally and internationally

  • gaining funding for your venture

Personal Love-Seat & MASTERMINDING Time

Three times per month we join together via video conference. All members will have time to share, mastermind, give and receive support from one another.

Get It Done Days

Once per month we have an all-day virtual gathering to get the important things DONE for your business. We’ll get together online in the morning for a pep talk and to state our daily goals, then we’ll check in mid-day and finish up the day together celebrating what we accomplished. Woo hoo!

Community Support

You'll have 24/7 access to our private Facebook Group where we'll share information, celebrations and connect with other members at any time.


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