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There’s no doubt you are the captain of your own business. But who do you turn to when you have questions about where to go next? The answer: Kim Carpenter. As the founder of World Changing Women, Kim has helped guide female entrepreneurs through challenges specific not only to their companies but to our gender as well. Through regular phone calls, online chats and emergency support, she guides you through the challenges we all face in this current business landscape and helps you keep your professional, and your personal well-being, on course.


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Why It Works


For the past decade Kim Carpenter has offered her skills as a business coach and mentor to positively impact everyone from start-up entrepreneurs to owners of seven-figure businesses. In one instance she helped a client grow her business from $500K to $1 Million in a year. In another case she worked with an agency to triple their revenue two years in a row. She’s seen first hand what works and what doesn’t in today’s hyper-competitive online marketplace and she recognizes that one-on-one, personalized help provides the best outcomes for you business and the world at large.


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how it works


The following explains Kim’s business coaching offerings:

Private COACHING Calls

A typical mentorship engagement with Kim is three hours per month for six months. Kim will jump on the phone or an online call to work on your business. You can break up the three hours in any way that serves you best. You may decide that you need one, two or three calls. No problem. She'll do what works best for you.

Business Emergency Lifeline Calls

It’s important you never feel alone during times of crisis. When a business emergency arises and you really need to problem solved, Kim can get on the call immediately.

BONUS - Membership program

You also get free access to the World Changing Women Membership Program as long as you are working one-on-one with me. We want you to have the added benefit of support from our whole tribe.